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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Franny Hudson 8/2 às 17:11 -- Very interesting object with multiple tethers.

Balloon anomaly from last year motion tracked and zoomed, very interesting object with multiple tethers.
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Franny Hudson Already been attacked that this objects is a balloon! I can only share the footage, everyone will discover the truth at their own pace. Some people just can't understand this phenomenon, even with Mr Binghams morphing digit there is always excuses.
GostoResponder18/2 às 17:58
Jeremy Thomas Franny Hudson don't mind the ignorants and people with lack of perception it is their loss.
GostoResponder28/2 às 18:41
Franny Hudson Thanks Jeremy Thomas thankfully we have this group to share the truth! it really is a special group. It just makes me want to get out there and document more anomalies! i haven't seen any blue sky for almost two weeks lol.
GostoResponder18/2 às 18:48Editado
Jeremy Thomas Many of these people that continously attack summoners and others recording similar anomalies are the same nuts and bolts ET/UFO fanatic believers that still are blinded expecting, wanting the old/rigid metallic(anachronic) mechanical artifacts. They are so blind and narrow minded to even realize that some of these anomalies manifestations could be the "constructs" of something else.
GostoResponder18/2 às 18:50
Jeremy Thomas Almost all "observers" that still are unable to see beyond the "obvious" balloon shapes have something in common: they had only done nighttime observations with very low optical magnification or had done some in daylight and also had used low optical magnification. But all of them are "believers": people with a predefined expectation about what they will find, they had been predisposed to expect "crafts" or similar and they are unable to see anything else.

A quick browsing on the popular topics in the subreddit UFOs will tell anybody a lot about the believers thinking, they are living in a dream world very much detached from reality. 

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