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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Franny Hudson 14/2 às 16:28 -- Anomaly today firing it's thrusters.

Anomaly today firing it's thrusters.
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Eric Erasmo Rendon Franny is it firing thrusters or is it flaring ? Lol 
 jk bro. ✌️💫

Nice video and music 
GostoResponder114/2 às 16:33Editado
Franny Hudson just a little joke if you don't laugh you will cry sometimes lmao.
Eric Erasmo Rendon Franny Hudson nice good one , i'll wait for Jeremy's response 
Luisa Vasconcellos
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Franny Hudson That was a joke by the way. It's just an anomaly flaring, it appeared next to a aircraft then came over ahead. Most won't see that it will simply be the sun's reflection bouncing off the balloon.
Jeremy Thomas Red heart with flaring neck 2/12/16 9:40am.

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