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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Franny Hudson 14/2 às 17:51 -- Night vision footage in Heber, Arizona.

So for a decent night time set up it will cost you close to 4,000 dollars! too record glowing dots errm think I will pass.
Night vision footage of an intense flashing object recorded in November 2015 in Heber, Arizona. Can many similar videos of UFOs 'powering up" or responding t...
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Eric Erasmo Rendon Franny let me ask your question because I was thinking about this I don't think you could thrust in space with fire , wouldn't it have to be some kind of air flow jets ?
Franny Hudson Am not sure bro rockets use thrusters don't they? That's a question for Jeremy Thomas lol.
Eric Erasmo Rendon its a good question bro.
Franny Hudson Don't know the answer become a expert on Google lol.
Franny Hudson Now on to thrusters in spacecraft: Most of them use hyper-Golic (they hate each other) fuel which ignite on coming in contact thus producing high pressure gases which leave the engine, thus conservation of momentum comes in picture and spacecraft moves in the desired direction.

PS: The rocket does not push against the atmospheric air, but again the exhaust gases pushes the rocket forward due to conservation of momentum.

PPS: In case of Aeroplanes, they depend on aerofoil structures to generate more lift than its own weight. In this case they need atmospheric air to push against.

Written 1 Nov 2013 •
Franny Hudson Makes sense.
Eric Erasmo Rendon I don't even think we've gone to the moon bro. 
Franny Hudson Same here always been skeptical. They where going to the moon in the 60s, but we don't go regularly now! doesn't make sense also not one HD picture always CGI images.
Eric Erasmo Rendon 1969 NASA's fake computers 
Franny Hudson Cool I truly believe it had to do with showing what country was the most advanced at the time. Almost as bragging rights!
Eric Erasmo Rendon That's right bro it was during the Cold War it's all the puppeteers game !
Franny Hudson Easier to fake it than pay all that money! brainwash a few volunteers make them think they went the moon and it's done lol. All theroy don't get me wrong, but that's what I think happened.
Eric Erasmo Rendon True bro remember Hitler said make a big enough lie and they'll believe it. 

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