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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Franny Hudson 9/2 às 14:24 -- Cluster Of Balloons Without Any Strings ! Here's a cluster from last year, that triggered multiple sightings! There appears to be no string keeping this cluster together it really doesn't make any sense.
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Jeremy Thomas The believers are driven by a religion and experience clearly shows that there is nothing that can be done to change that, it is a collective delusion that is socially reinforced.
GostoResponder19/2 às 16:25
Jeremy Thomas And the funny thing is that they are saying exactly the same of us! Who is right then?!
GostoResponder19/2 às 16:41
Franny Hudson It's near impossible to please these people, there full of excuses! But then what can we expect. It's really pushing me towards making your set up Jeremy Thomas. Just at the moment am struggling financially, but eventually I will have your setup! it's the best solution to having a concrete method for documenting this phenomenon.
GostoResponder19/2 às 16:51
Franny Hudson Am planning on throwing 50 pounds away a month! till I have enough for the set up. Then will see who's the laughing stock.
GostoResponder19/2 às 16:53
Franny Hudson I want the set up because it's just to cold aswel! so when the weathers bad I can still document anomailes. It's not worth getting cold for hour's for hardly any appreciation lol.
GostoResponder19/2 às 16:58
Jeremy Thomas What "value" could have any "appreciation" coming from people that are really totally lost? Appreciation or not from them is really irrelevant. Keep up the good work.
Luisa Vasconcellos
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Jeremy Thomas But nothing will ever be enough for these people, only a metallic flying saucer will make them happy, the same ones since the Flash Gordon's time ...
GostoResponder19/2 às 17:12
Jeremy Thomas They really are stuck in the past.
GostoResponder19/2 às 17:18
Franny Hudson Haha very true Jeremy Thomas but if I can just sit indoors and post balloon anomalies that's fine with me. I will just post an overwhelming volume of footage and probably start blocking commenting on YouTube! so not to let these people bother me anymore. How much can i expect to pay for all the necessary equipment?
Jeremy Thomas It will cost less than $1000.
Jeremy Thomas An infrared filter will cost less than $10.
GostoResponder19/2 às 17:28
Franny Hudson So probably take me a few months to save up! unless my income makes a drastic improvement lol. Certainly worth saving up, it's either a dual optic set up or a drone to try and get up close.
Jeremy Thomas A 8 megapixel usb camera will cost less than $70.
GostoResponder19/2 às 17:29
Jeremy Thomas A ptz base will cost less than $300, plus miscelaneous items: $100.
GostoResponder19/2 às 17:30
Jeremy Thomas Total less than $600, it is less than a brand new p900. Assuming that you already have a good pc or laptop.
GostoResponder19/2 às 17:31
Franny Hudson So once I have around $1000 can you help me buy all the necessary equipment? Then once I have all the parts help me make the set up.
Jeremy Thomas From my point of view a drone with the available technology will be very ineffective, adding that the drone will need a camera and one more expensive because it will have to be very light with all other hardware to send and receive video in good quality.
GostoResponder19/2 às 17:37Editado
Franny Hudson Yeah that was my worry the camera would have poor magnification to record anomailes. I was only going to use it for low balloon mimics, to try make them change trajectory or get a response from them, might not be the smartest thing to do lol.
Jeremy Thomas Sure thing, I had been trying for a long time that more people build dual systems, that will only add more solid evidence and more people will report more anomalies that are not easily spotted with naked eye.
I had done several videos trying to promote the use of dual systems that I had posted here.
GostoResponder19/2 às 17:43
Franny Hudson Thanks! I honestly share your views, it's best to have a solid method for documenting such a claim. Using summoning comes with a lot of back lash, people aren't ready to even accept the possibility that telepathy or a mental message is possible. Seems to make people think your trying to claim you have a special ability. It will take me a while to save up unfortunately! but it's going to happen Jeremy Thomas hopefully it creates a domino effect.
GostoResponder19/2 às 17:49
Jeremy Thomas That is exactly why I had never mentioned telepathy or similar, people are very far from accepting any of that, I still believe in the "visual ritual" angle and I do the "star exercise" of Trevor J. Constable frequently.
GostoResponder19/2 às 17:55
Franny Hudson Yes it comes with a lot of negativity because using that with the word ufo! people think your claiming to be in contact with aliens.

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