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Friday, May 13, 2016

About Advanced Anomalies Study Group

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About Advanced Anomalies Study Group

If you had not done personally atmospheric observations with high magnification equipment do not request to join this group, your request will be denied, your name, background, academic/job title is irrelevant here, only direct experience count.

This group is dedicated to the study of Variable Topology Entities, or how they are named by Cristian Soldano: Integrated Systems of Variable Morphology, or sky critters as were named by Trevor J Constable, or simply Anomalies.

The main aim of this group is to advance the systematization of the knowledge about these real entities that have been video recorded all over the world.

Only people with known experience doing atmospheric observations with HIGH optical magnification cameras or telescopes in daylight or at night are allowed. 

We only consider Second-Generation Data: Footage/pictures where structure details of the objects under consideration are given. Dots without structure is first generation data and that data is obsolete.

This group should be considered like a very "Advanced" ongoing graduate course in Anomalies studies and like any elective graduate course in any University it has "prerequisites" to be admitted. As always personal recommendations from members can bypass some prerequisites.

UFO recycled and unconfirmed claims are not welcome here, only claims supported by consistent observational data. If you are a "UFO believer" this group is not for you.

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