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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Jeremy Thomas 7/2 às 13:23 -- Anomaly with high strangeness in Mexico

Anomaly with high strangeness recorded by Ana Luisa Cid, Mexico, these are "figurine-like" anomalies that usually never tumble and keep moving in a straight up position, they have been recorded all over, some had shown to be shape shifters and morph into digit shapes:

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Jeremy Thomas This is another great one showing clear polymorphism/shape shifting recorded by Cristian Soldano in Argentina:

GostoResponder17/2 às 13:33
Jeremy Thomas Note the "consistency" across multiple indepent and geographically dispersed observers.
GostoResponder17/2 às 14:01
Franny Hudson Great capture! one I haven't seen before thanks for sharing. I can't wait for the skies to clear up! its been a while. 
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