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Monday, May 16, 2016

Jeremy Thomas 18/2 às 16:41 -- "Controller" anomaly or "Controller" entity.

"Controller" anomaly or "Controller" entity
This past sunday I recorded two polymorphic anomalies with "flybys", the detail is that these two flybys were actually almost static and the polymorphic anomalies were the ones moving relatively fast.
You can think that in the same day this happening twice is really very unlikely.
This can give some strength to the idea of some anomalies "controlling" some mimics or other anomalies manifestations.
I was concentrating in tracking the moving polymorphic anomalies and I was not fully aware at that point of the possible relevance of the static flybys.
This idea of controller identities had been mentioned before by Cristian Soldano and Solidaevidencia Archivos, this may add a new level of complexity to what we are observing.

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