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Friday, May 13, 2016

Alan Bumac 2/2 às 15:10 -- Is this camera good for IR usage?

Jeremy Thomas, Is this camera good for IR usage? Have I to change the lens?
Samsung SCB 2000
• 1/3” Super HAD color CCD
• Based on W-V, the latest generation of Winner DSP engine
• SSNRIII, Upgraded 2D/3D noise reduction technology
• Day & Night capability for 24/7 operation
• High resolution of 600TV lines
• Min. illumination
- 0.05Lux@F1.2 (Color)
- 0.0001Lux@F1.2 (Color sens-up)
• Privacy masking with 12 user programmable zones
• SSDR (Samsung Super Dynamic Range)
• HLC (Highlight Compensation)
• DIS (Digital Image Stabilization)
• Motion detection
• Coaxial control
• 512x sens-up support
• Multi-language OSD
• S/N ratio of 52dB
• Dual voltage : 12V DC / 24V AC (SCB-2000N/P)
• Voltage : 12V DC (SCB-2000ND/PD)

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Ken Klingbell how much with scb 2000 lens and how good do the video's come out
GostoResponder12/2 às 15:27
Jeremy Thomas The scb2000 had been around for a while, it is well known for some nighttime observers by its low light sensitivity, depending on cost today there are better options. 

As it had been mentioned before for IR scanning you need to have around 20x optical magnification, for this camera that is 1/3(6mm) sensor size that means that the zoom lens have to reach at least 6*20=120mm.

This camera also have to be "modified": it had to be opened and remove physically its ir cutoff filter.

Modern security cameras have already a night-shot option that will physically move the ir cutoff filter then there will be no need for any modification with the risk of damaging the camera.

I had mentioned here before the following camera-lens combination that do not need any modification.
GostoResponder22/2 às 16:37
Jeremy Thomas I already got one of these cameras, I am waiting for a 850nm IR filter for it, as soon as I receive it I will post test results. This camera-zoom lens combination got a 36x optical magnification, the sensor size is 1/4, that is 4mm and the zoom lens can reach 144mm focal length, that gives 144/4=36x optical magnification, even better than the 26x that I am using now in the spotter section of the dual system.
GostoResponder12/2 às 18:55Editado
Jeremy Thomas The camera and the IR filter are basically what you need to have a IR spotter/seeker/scanner system.

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