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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Jeremy Thomas 14/2 às 19:57 -- Absolutely amazing!!!

Polymorphic cluster, today 2/14/16 10:39am.
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Franny Hudson That's a good morph did it remain upright without tumbling?
Jeremy Thomas It tumbled a little, it was not a high strangeness one.
Franny Hudson Some are difficult morphs they really are masters of mimicry.
Eric Erasmo Rendon Nice one 
Franny Hudson What character is this? Looks like a referee.
Eric Erasmo Rendon Bro. His face looks like John Graf , john graf there mimicking you bro. 
. ✌️.
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Franny Hudson Haha just almost spat my coffee out good one!
Eric Erasmo Rendon Franny I needed that laugh bro I'm still chuckling 
Franny Hudson Haha funniest thing I have heard all day. At Johns expense
Luisa Vasconcellos
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Franny Hudson You can get this on eBay it's a balloon lol. That's most people's logic.
Franny Hudson Bro this one looks like you lmao Eric Erasmo Rendon
Eric Erasmo Rendon BWAHAHA 
Franny Hudson Man I can't stop laughing.
Franny Hudson Hahaha man it's you! That's so funny tears are streaming down my face.
Eric Erasmo Rendon I'm laughing bro. 

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