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Friday, May 13, 2016

String Theory and Anomalies

String Theory and Anomalies

Another example where current academic/scientific systemic problems get revealed is in String Theory.

String Theory had been around for more than 40 years, as a Mathematical theory it had been very successful but as a Physics theory of reality it had been a huge failure: this theory had produced ZERO testable predictions.

But still many scientists consider String Theory as a valid scientific theory, a theory that had not been validated by any experiment.

But many of these same armchair experts will recoil to claims about the reality of anomalous flying objects, they will be paralized by their preconceptions and never will even try to verify if the claims are true.

But a growing number of people around the world had been observing regularly these anomalous objects and there are very concrete, repeatable procedures to duplicate the observations.

This attitude is really essentially the same taken by the Cardinals in Galileos's time, and again the same taken by Lavoisier when facing claims of the reality of meteorites, and so on.

It is a universal sociological reaction to claims that contradict worldviews/paradigms, exactly the same taken by hardcore UFO believers when facing claims about the reality of anomalies and their possible biological nature.

It is human nature pure and simple.

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