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Monday, May 16, 2016

Anomalies are not the end of "surprises"

Anomalies are not the end of "surprises"

It should be clear that anomalies will not be the end of the extraordinary surprises that reality will bring to us if we can overcome our deep psychological limitations, the innate tendency to oversimplification and rationalization, the tendency at being "conservative" and continuing using the same methods just because they produce "results".

Analyzing the reasons why UFO believers got stuck in their mechanicist views it can be seen that their limited instruments, enough to see dots moving in a background was good enough for them because that was keeping alive what they were expecting, that was keeping alive their beliefs, but they got stuck on that, it is like they did not wanted to know what was behind the points, or since they "imagined" what was behind there was not a pressing need to improve the equipment to really know.

Now let’s apply self reflection to the people that are observing anomalies, it is clear now that anomalies is what is behind almost any point that was observed before by ufo believers, so the question is are these brave active observers not falling in the same mistake that ufo believers fell before by using very limited instruments?

Mass market equipment is far from being the best equipment that should be used to make atmospheric observations, but that is mostly what is being used for these observers, the limitation in instruments automatically will give a limitation in what is perceived leading then to a limited view of reality and possibly to make the same old mistakes.


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