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Monday, May 16, 2016

Food for Thought

Jeremy Thomas

One year ago I received a channel comment and one reply from "The Paratus", active but empty channel, this may be interesting for some people:

The Paratus, 1 year ago:

Hello Jeremy. I find your work to be engaging, inventive, and provocative. I do not witness much serious research into this area of study. Keep up the good work. Your theory about attraction to EMP and focused microwave transmissions is spot on. You are not alone in your research.

The Paratus, 1 year ago:

Thanks for the response and you are most welcome. I suspect that these anomalies may be not just organic. Most all organic Earth species focus on predominate frequencies native to their environment and subject to their focused predatory habitats. The fact that they seem to "see", or appear to respond to, such a wide spectrum way beyond our (or all other species) limited focus, gives me pause to think that there is more going on here other than a strictly physical entity.

There are reported instances of "summoners" who have claimed to have mental contact with these sky anomalies and (at least in a few isolated cases) seemed to have the ability to produce some limited success with their appearance. 

I have experimented with communications using visible light, infrared Laser, and even both reflected and focused "Black light" (ultraviolet). They seem to respond to most any intelligently focused energy and that's why I draw the conclusion that they may be a physical manifestation of something else. What we may be seeing is something organic (in a literal sense) that may also be somehow constructed -- perhaps even designed -- to respond to intelligent interaction of any kind.

I find the concept very interesting. If a very advanced alien presence wished to make contact with us, but found that direct contact was not in both our or their best interests (due to too widely diverse cultural/psychological/physical differences), it almost makes sense that they would create a "diplomatic" entity to bridge the span between us to ease the pain or confusion of communication. 

This, of course, is highly speculative.

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