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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Jeremy Thomas 10/2 às 13:15 -- A really simple and cheap dual system for less than US $100

Jeremy Thomas

A really simple and cheap dual system for less than $100

You can mount your camera of choice and the camera-lens combination mentioned in a dual camera bracket on your tripod, align them and voila you already have a dual optical system, you just need to add an IR filter: camera-lens $70, dual camera bracket less than $10 and IR filter less than $10.

Jeremy Thomas But the base for the two cameras could be as simple as a rectangular piece of plywood with three holes for the 1/4" bolts fastening the cameras and the base to the tripod.
Jeremy Thomas You can have both cameras hook to a single monitor that accept composite video using a video switch, that way you scan with the spotter camera and when an object of interest is seen you switch to your camera video source and then can record in it. This way you do not need any pc or laptop in the field just a monitor, placing the monitor inside of a black enclosure will help to avoid daylight glare.
Jeremy Thomas You can also add some small video recorder to be able to record the IR footage, no need for pc or laptop.
Jeremy Thomas You can get small monitors, tvs on ebay but I guess the best bet is to get an small used tv from craigslist or similar.

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