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Friday, May 13, 2016

Rob Freeman 1/2 às 0:07 -- Jeremy ... just curious. What your view on this?

Jeremy ... just curious what your view on this is: There seems to be lots of proof around that many so called "craft" are actually long time secret projects of the US that have been around for many years. Consequently many so called non-anomaly sightings are just these secret craft being spotted. Some may be accidental, but more likely they have been "planted" there on purpose to propagate their own agenda. Your thoughts? (I've mentioned before, that I had 2 sightings as a kid, one that was written up in the local paper & it wouldn't take much to convince me that at least that one was a secret military project from "us", and not a so called "ET". If you'd rather not get into this here, no problem, I'll delete this post, as I know this is the study of anomalies.
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Phil Vegh if it has nuts and bolts, is a government crafted vehicle crafted from et designs, morphing stuff is prolly authentic
GostoResponder21/2 às 0:15
Jeremy Thomas It is really hard to say, since we already know that anomalies are polymorphic and the particular shape is really no more relevant than any other. I also had seen a lot of efforts trying to give the idea that goverment secret programs are very advanced, just remember that one function of the "intelligence/counter-intelligence" guys is to create obfuscation and confusion around what they really are doing, that is a necessity, anybody will do it in their shoes. But what is beyond direct confirmation is really impossible to validate and I really believe that we should dedicate minimal space to it, that is not different from talking about the possibility of civilizations before the Big Bang now a topic making the round in UFO sites on the net, obviously that is a pipe dream.
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Rob Freeman Totally true!
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