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Friday, May 13, 2016

Jeremy Thomas 31/1 às 21:16 -- The intrinsic limitations of equipment

The intrinsic limitations of equipment commonly used for nighttime UFO hunting.
The tests shown in this video show that low optical magnification optical equipment alone is insufficient for serious/proper atmospheric observations, that is true for both day and night.
Many people doing nighttime observations assume many times that the dots of light under observation are far away, in space perhaps, but that really is an unsupported assumption and tests like this show that if using low magnification the object could be really relatively close, in the order of low thousand feet, distance estimations from single points of references are very misleading and at least one extra reference point is needed for proper triangulation.
Unless structure details of the given object are revealed in the footage dots of light in a black background will be always unidentifiable, so low optical magnification equipment in daylight or at nighttime will produce lots of these dots even from relatively close mundane objects.

Jeremy Thomas It will not be long before I am banned again from reddit, I had been banned several times using always different login names, some people are already asking the mods to do that. I am using this "opportunity" to at least expose some ideas that these people are not familiar with, I am "inserting" alternative views perhaps in some rigid minds.

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