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Friday, May 13, 2016

Jeremy Thomas 13/5 às 19:01 -- Careful Consideration about the Spreading of Anomalies' Reality

Jeremy Thomas
13/5 às 19:01

Being immune to debunking attacks

By strictly posting the results of direct observations you become immune to "debunking" attacks, minimizing speculation and being driven by simple curiosity will make anybody immune to these attacks.

If "popularity" and/or traffic are not your concerns but purely reporting the results of your observations then what people may say or think is really irrelevant to you as it should be to anybody trying to report the results of observations.

Many so called "debunkers" count on affecting your channel traffic or popularity to shape or affect what you may post or not, by being immune to that you really become "untouchable" by these debunkers.

But in the other hand these debunkers are really depending on traffic/popularity, so they are "slaves of popularity" and they are usually will say what "their community" expect them to say, that is why many times these debunkers are really "entertainers" and resort to "theatrical" approaches. But they really have no "teeth" because as a rule these debunkers never, ever had done intensive personal atmospheric observations with high magnification equipment, they really are ignorant in the subject at hand, and they always will stay that way.

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