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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Jeremy Thomas 28/1 às 12:45 -- Why Ufology is not a science?

Why Ufology is not a science?
Lets compare the so called Ufology with Biology for example:
Biologists have specific subjects of interest, any claims, ideas, theories in Biology are based in multiple empirical evidence that can be independently verified by different biologists. Professional biologists will never relay only in any "sighting report" of a new life form, independent observations by trained professionals need to validate these reports to be considered as valid data and empirical evidence.
On the other hand Ufology, by a cursory browsing of the topics covered in any site dedicated to it, appears to be a collection of "gossips" where nothing really is independently validated or observed, where there is an obsession with "documents" and some extraordinary weight is given to these documents, myths and obfuscation are pervasive in Ufology, not surprising many will get entangled in that maze without any hope of finding any exit. Can you imagine biologists doing that?
But the example of Biology is a good one to follow: by accepting only what independent and consistent observations dictate, Ufologists had failed from the start in that regard: the consistency present in many "sightings reports" should had suggested to them that direct atmospheric observations will uncover many of these manifestations in a controlled setting, but Ufologists as a rule never did that and have continued the "tradition" of collecting "sighting reports" from untrained casual observers.
But that is changing today with the people making systematic atmospheric observations around the world, with very cheap digital and optical equipment in the market today these observations can be done with a very limited budget.
The people doing these observations are far ahead from the old school of armchair ufologists, many of these ufologists do not even have elementary knowledge of atmospheric physics or had ever handled any optical equipment.
These active observers are uncovering extraordinary things with very limited instruments that closeminded scientists with unlimited resources had been unable to see.

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