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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Jay Lee 6/1 às 17:16 -- Anomaly Sighting Event Jan 3

Anomaly Sighting Event Jan 3, 2016 Hollydale Park, South Gate, CA :
Hollydale Park, South Gate, CA A very slow UFO sighting day but apparently, they saved the best for last. Thanks to all who braved the threatening future sto...
Jay Lee From petals opening to stigma. like a flower. For pollination?
GostoResponder16/1 às 18:46
Jay Lee Different color stigmas
GostoResponder26/1 às 18:56
Jay Lee WTF!
GostoResponder76/1 às 18:57
Patrick Ryan Truly bizarre!! This is a great capture.
GostoResponder16/1 às 19:43
Ronald Ricardo Fantastic footage and analyses !
GostoResponder16/1 às 20:20

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