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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Jay Lee 4/1 às 17:03 -- Anomaly Sighting Event

Anomaly Sighting Event 1/3/16 hosted by Fausto Perez in South Gate, CA. We called for something close. Didn't think we would be able to get this close. Meade ETX 90 telescope with Sony A6000 HD mirrorless video mode.
I am hoping Rob can't find this on the Internet. smile emoticon This is the best mimick I've captured so far:
1/3/16 Hollydale Park, South Gate, CA Keep in mind that a foil balloon cannot hold up a dime or a deflated foil. This one breaks all the rules. I cannot beli...
Franny Hudson Great footage Jay lee.
GostoResponder14/1 às 17:10
William Juno Roehling Always nice to see your ongoing Skywatch Footage our Friend...!!!
GostoResponder14/1 às 18:17
John Graf This was a really fascinating capture...holy crap. Glad I got to see it yesterday. Thanks for the excellent editing Hans. Great job navigating too Charles Emoji smile
GostoResponder24/1 às 18:41
Jay Lee Here are some pictures:
UFO Sighting Event. Hollydale Park, South Gate, CA A very slow UFO sighting day but this one showed up at 3:55pm and broke all the rules. A mimick showed up…
GostoResponder24/1 às 19:27
Juan Mendez Nolasco Great guy fausto awesome footage Jay lee
Juan Mendez Nolasco I should see the cover I have on my Facebook page background an orb caught it with my Nikon camera

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