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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Jeremy Thomas 29/12 às 16:30 -- The "classic" misidentifications and wishful thinking

Nighttime footage posted in Jay Lee YT channel of recording done by William Juno-Atman Roehling, the "classic" misidentifications and wishful thinking are all over the place here:
Jeremy Thomas I am fully aware that the more you get away from people supporting similar "positions" of making claims unsupported by observations: the very definition of preconceptions, people that frequently mention aliens, ets, flying saucers, etc, i.e UFO believers, the more likely that a more clear understanding of the "problem" will be gained, sadly that means getting away from almost everybody that is "related" to this area of interest one way or the other, but that is the hard truth and a "price" very much worth paying, these people only bring confusion and obfuscation, zero clarity or understanding.

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