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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Jay Lee 10/1 às 22:47 -- Incredible shape shifter.

Lupyllo nails this one. I just stabilized it and found an orb flyby. Incredible shape shifter. Must see and analyze.
1/7/16 Paramount, CA Lupyllo Ledezma captures a spectacular object which shifts it's shape, rotates in different directions and has an orb flyby. Incredible ...
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John Graf Great catch...awesome Emoji smile
Lupyllo Ledezma very nice editing and audio is profesional
Alan Bumac The reflections are very powerful, like a mirror. What objects could make the same reflections? Don't know.
GostoResponder211/1 às 0:34
Jay Lee I keep watching it. It almost looks like magic although I know it is a scientific marvel.
GostoResponder311/1 às 1:52
Ronald Ricardo Great capture!

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