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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Franny Hudson 29/1 às 7:45 -- Anomalie dropping orbs. Ebani dropping orbs.
well there are orbs around it and its releasing them as well. it was hovering above me slowly moving north....I was watching and filming it for 35 min or so
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William Juno Roehling I can literally feel your frustrations, as i completely understand what your going through(w.others believing) as your watching this very rare and unique Orb-Incubation Pod, which is it's literally in it's final stages of incubation, as it is actually Releasing some of it's "Living-Orbs"(which have various purposes)...and to everyone else, this mass looks and appears like an escaped Pod of Carnival Balloons that got away!...but it's Not...this is an intelligently designed Camouflage, which truly secures and protects these Celestial/Cosmic Orbs/Probes which are also Guardians that scan watch over and Probe areas and specific targets and they also have many other purposes...!!!
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