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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Eric Erasmo Rendon 16/1 às 0:32 -- Showed up after summoning ...

David Feola mate it's a bunch of balloons. wake up lol
John Graf David fwd this video to 11:15 and watch what happens brother.....
GostoResponder216/1 às 6:46
Eric Erasmo Rendon John Graf look at these pictures I just put up the first bottom one looks like some sort of little robot with arms it started morphine you could see the bigeyes and it looked like it had a mouth that started opening as it open completely you can see her face and she has a helmet
GostoResponder116/1 às 6:50
John Graf These are doubt. Killer shots.
GostoResponder116/1 às 6:53
Eric Erasmo Rendon Little alien man you can see his little green legs he had a greenhead a white little suit the videos in the group you can see his head moving around
Eric Erasmo Rendon The mimic started morphine something was bulging out of it
Eric Erasmo Rendon Biological entity craft over my house after so many video to prove it

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