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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Brad Morris 31/12 às 18:10 -- Self luminous anomaly ejecting.

Self luminous anomaly ejecting, rapid rate departure. Earlier similar object filmed with Nikon p900 at URL in description.
01/01/16 same or similar object ejecting another object, then departing at rapid rate, URL for earlier sighting
Franny Hudson Really is a great catch! At first I was thinking I can hear fireworks so its possibly a lantern. But then it drops a orb! Goes to show patient's pays off.
Jeremy Thomas Brad Morris is already ahead of many with a great catch in 2016 and some of us still are in 2015, we better hurry ...
Jeremy Thomas Of course many believers will imagine and describe this as a "UFO" releasing a "drone", the ufo term used in the believers's sense, they really do not want to know anything else, their religion is pervasive and contagious and if you do not subserve that religion they will suppress you, the "media" is simbiotic part of that religion as promoters and exploiters of it.

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