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Friday, March 31, 2017

Jeremy Thomas -- March 31 at 9:30am: What is a great footage?

March 31 at 9:30am

What is a great footage? 

The "evaluation" of a given footage always has subjective elements because depends on the personal perspective and experience of the person giving the evaluation. 

-For people that are looking for the "best shots" great shots are the ones showing crisp clear details, this kind of footage only can be taken with objects that are relatively close, spotted with naked eye. 

But as almost anything else in life there is a trade-off in everything, objects that are far away will always look less crisp in any camera system and they will be almost always beyond naked eye spotting. But these far away objects are a lot more common than the closest ones and they will show new details and transformations that are not seen in the closest ones. 

- For other people, like myself, the best captures are the ones that contain more "information" content and usually single captures no count for that but whole sets of them. 

The never ending goal of making connections and learning is what differentiate a videographer from a researcher. 

As a matter of fact already there could be very sharp and open minded people in this field making connections/discoveries without physically making observations. In the near future observations will be done with automatic equipment and the "specialists" will just analyze the footage taken by machines.
Perhaps that already is happening in some places. 

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