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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Jeremy Thomas -- March 26 at 12:02am: What we had learned in this group

What we had learned in this group:
When people of very different backgrounds and formations try to advance in a given field it is very hard to keep cohesion.
My formation is technical and scientific and my goals are to advance this field in its technical and scientific aspects, some people are simply not prepared for that.
Simply collecting video captures is not enough, for some people that could be enough but not for somebody trying to advance knowledge.
Many here after some years in this group were unable to connect simple dots, we can not wait for them, I can't wait for them.
In the future this will be a strictly scientific oriented group, perhaps with just one single member but if that is what it takes so be it.
No unsupported claims or anything related to the UFO garbage will be ever allowed in this group.
If after you had learned that the reality of Anomalies was known in the 1950's and even to Kenneth Arnold by 1962 and this concrete and objective knowledge had been suppressed and continue to be suppressed today by traditional ufologists and their army of clueless believers you still have some "sympathies" for that point of view then there is really not space for you here.
Ufology is a Religion and there is no space for religion in a scientific study as simple as that.
I will continue doing regular observations and improving instruments, something that is foreign and seen with contempt by some people that still continue to use very old instruments.

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