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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Jeremy Thomas -- March 30 at 8:26pm: The balloons-explain-everything Fallacy

March 30 at 8:26pm

The balloons-explain-everything Fallacy.

People that are intellectually dishonest or superficial had used and still use the argument that all Anomalies are balloons, but obviously not all anomalies are balloon like as the boomerang anomalies that mimic birds, laminar anomalies that also move in flocks, amorphous plasma like ones that also move in flocks sometimes, String anomalies, star like anomalies, ghostly plasma like anomalies, etc.

Is is already a very clear fact for people that are making regular observations of anomalies, an experience lacking always in these debunkers, that anomaly use "adaptive camouflage": they will adopt shapes and behaviors that are seen in the common objects in the sky: in places where balloons are common they will mimic balloons, in places where balloons are not common but plastic bags are they will use more foil, plastic bags mimics, in agricultural areas where big birds are common boomerang shapes that from afar look like birds.

But in all cases if anomalies are observed beyond naked eye spotting distances using infrared detection and very high optical magnification equipment then anomalies will be observed in a more "natural" shape shifting states and also these observations will reveal the transformations from these shape shifting states to more hardened mimic states: the process of anomalies using adaptive camouflage exactly that the same process used by octopus when mimicking a marine environment surrounding.

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