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Friday, March 31, 2017

Jeremy Thomas -- March 31 at 2:14pm: The Race for Understanding

March 31 at 2:14pm

The Race for Understanding.

In equality of conditions the people using the best instruments observing an aspect of reality always will gain a better and faster understanding of that field as any given person always will do better by using better instruments.

But usually one factor that many times overshadow the relevance of good instruments is how "perceptive" is the person or group making these observations and "perception" as we know is bounded by preconceptions and beliefs.

The field of Anomalies Studies is a perfect test case showing that people with "high perception level" will win always in any race against people that are bounded by strong preconceptions and beliefs.

Official Science scientists have unlimited resources and "top" of the line scientists but they had defaulted in this field and are a "no show" so any kid using a second hand camcorder will beat them even today in a race for starting to understand the complex world of anomalies.

But Ufologists and their army of UFO/ET believers with their very narrow preconceptions also are a perfect example of the paralyzing effect of preconceptions and narrow beliefs, they still today are dismissing a reality that can be observed by anyone with enough perceptive level.

No instrument can replace a fresh and open mind and the reality of Anomalies had showed that in its naked form.

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