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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Jeremy Thomas December 8 at 8:33pm -- Noise vs. Signal

Jeremy Thomas
December 8 at 8:33pm

Noise vs. Signal

For many people it is very hard to discern between "noise" and "signal", or in other words: between things with real information content and others that do not have information content.

This area of Anomalies Studies is full of examples showing that:

- Many people will "see" a craft in a glowing dot at night but are blind to anomalous manifestations in daylight with plenty of details.

- Many people will get lost thinking that a still picture present evidence of "interdimensional" objects/crafts and by doing that they are really killing the real cases of anomalous manifestations that they may have, these gems will be buried in a mountain of noise.

- Many people will believe personal accounts and many times gives these anecdotal accounts higher relevance than to hard evidence: noise vs. signal again.

Visiting any UFO site or channel online will provide an unlimited source of more examples, if you really pay attention you may find very few "signals" in there but these signals are usually buried in tons of noise, and as a rule the "noise" is a lot more "popular" than the "signals".

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