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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Jeremy Thomas 3/3 às 14:47 -- Do UFO believers need disinformation agents?

Jeremy Thomas
3/3 às 14:47

Do UFO believers need disinformation agents?

Many times in UFO sites we heard mentioned the term "disinformation agents". That term may give to an unsuspecting casual reader the idea that UFO believers usually deal with very precious and actionable knowledge/information that some other people are trying to obfuscate and/or corrupt.

But looking at almost any UFO site on the net a detached observer will realize that the "information content" in these sites is very close to zero, they usually deal with no actionable knowledge/information, essentially they deal with "no-information", or almost equivalently they usually deal with disinformation.

When concrete and objective procedures are presented in these sites to make direct atmospheric observations then these procedures are rejected and the submitter labelled as desinfo agent.

For some members of these sites direct and systematic observations are "pseudo-observations", the real observations providing a higher level of "actionable knowledge/information" for them are: watching their screen monitor or smartphones and then talking about the things seen and done by others some tens of years ago.

They get very excited by footage with very low information content, as glowing dots in a black background, or in general any footage taken with low magnification where structure details of the objects under observation are not clearly seen, or by personal "witness accounts" where what the given witness say will be taken on faith. The information content in any of these is very low, but then they will "complete" the missing information with their expected preconceptions "language" using words as: crafts, formations, fleets, intelligent controlled, triangular formation, mega structure in space, etc, etc....

So do they really need any disinformation agent?!

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